Replacement Fabrics

Why Replace?

Similar to most other household items, automatic safety covers may wear and age with time. However, the average lifespan of a Coverstar cover is 6-8 years. It is important to learn how to recognize when it may be time to replace the cover. If your cover is showing any of the symptoms listed below, your cover is most likely not providing the optimum safety it once did, and you may consider getting an estimate for a replacement fabric. To get an estimate for a replacement fabric please call our office at 317-841-7727 and simply ask for a replacement fabric quote.

When To Replace

Below are common signs to know if you automatic safety cover needs attention


Wear and Tear

Pool chemicals, temperature variations and ultraviolet light slowly break down the pool cover fabric over time. Look for; cracks, peeling, or the scrim showing on the cover. These are weak spots on the cover where water may be seeping through the surface.


The Scrim is the strength of the cover, it is a white fibrous material in the cover itself, if you can see this white material it means that the top half of the cover has deteriorated through wear and tear. Once you can see this material, your cover will no longer be considered a true "safety cover".

Color Rubbing Off

If you notice that when you touch the cover, the color appears to be coming off and onto your hands, it is getting close to time to replace your fabric. When this happens the top layer of the cover is deteriorating and will soon begin to show scrim and allow water to seap through, meaning the strength of the cover is failing and will no longer be considered a safety cover.

Problems with Sewn Webbing

A good indicator that it is time to replace is if there are issues with any sewn webbing. If you notice that there are missing stitches or bunched webbing, it could mean that the webbing is failing, and could potentially cause a massive problem, if the problem persists for long enough the entire cover could break away from the webbing and fall into the pool.

For a quote or to find a local authorized dealer in your area to replace you cover, please click here