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Responsibility Release - Prior to service on your pool cover, we require that you sign this release of responsibility.

Service Calls

Covering most of the Midwest, we try to make it as easy as possible to request service . If you would like to request a service call please call us at 800-307-7727 or click here to leave a message with your concerns and we will contact you to proceed.

Service States

Our expert technicians will service the following states; IN, MI, IL, OH, MO, WI, KY, VA, WV, PA, DE, MD and partially TN. We are also able to recommend authorized dealers throughout all highlighted states within our distribution, sales and technical support territory. 

Prior to Service Calls

Prior to any service on your automatic safety cover the following needs to be done to prevent unnecessary labor, additional charges or inconvenient delays.

  • Pool water must be raised to the middle of the skimmer opening (operating level)
  • Cover must be clear of any water, leaves, debris or substitute cover
  • Garden hose spigots are accessible and operational
  • Electrical power to the cover is on
  • Pets are put indoors and gates are left unlocked
  • Stone, brick or concrete cover lids must be removed, or a Release Form must be signed and submitted in advance.

If service or repairs can not be performed due to lack of proper cover care or preparation for scheduled service visit including, but not limited to gates being locked, excess water on top of the cover, no electricity to the cover, no Release Form on file, etc. You will be responsible for the minimum charges on the unproductive trip and again on the return trip.


Service Times

Due to the nature of our business, long distance travel between jobs, and the inability to predict technician's time on each job, we unfortunately cannot schedule specific or approximate times for service appointments. Our service technicians typically call or text you when they estimate they are within 60 minutes of your home. We can try to estimate approximate arrival time, but no guarantees as our days are simply unpredictable. If for some reason we cannot get to your job on the day scheduled, every effort will be made to let you know as soon as possible that your job has been rescheduled. Please note: It is not unusual for our technicians to work until dark.


We schedule service appointments Monday through Friday. If you are not home when our technicians complete their work, a work order copy will be emailed to you. Please do not hesitate to call our office if questions about the charges or the work performed – Your understanding and satisfaction with the goods and services you receive are important to us.


We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover. Your permission to use your credit card for COD payment is required to schedule an appointment. By giving us your credit card number, you are authorizing us to charge your account and agreeing to our terms and conditions. The credit card will be pre-authorized when your appointment is scheduled with the minimum amount due. Pre-authorization will hold funds on debit cards and may show as 'in process' but is not charged on debit or credit cards until completion of the service call and final auditing by our Customer Service Manager. We welcome payment at the time of service by cash or check. However, if payment is not received at time of service, or is only partially paid, the balance due will be charged to the credit card pre-authorized at the time of scheduling.


While most automatic safety covers will never need a repair until the cover is replaced, an automatic safety cover can unfortunately require some repairs. Our highly specialized technicians are trained directly by the manufacturer to diagnose service, repair and install automatic swimming pool covers – This is their trade – They are the industry experts. Our team is on call 12 months a year even though the typical pool season is only approximately 6 months long. The fixed costs of doing business is factored into all of our rates.

  1. Service Charge $75
  2. Labor Charge $200*
    Coverstar Central requires a one hour minimum labor charge of $200.00, Our hourly rate begins when our technician arrives at your home. Labor in excess of one hour is billed in 15 minute increments.
  3. Travel Charges (0-488$)*
    Our office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Travel Charges apply to all jobs based upon proximity to our office and potential for additional overnight expenses. To help reduce travel charges to the Midwestern states we service, we try to schedule multiple appointments together in the same city/region. When two or more jobs are scheduled in the same region on the same day, we reduce each jobs travel charge by 50%. If your service issue is urgent and you are unable to wait for multi-job travel discount, or you are several hundred miles from our office, discounting is not always possible. When gas prices rise above $3.50 per gallon a fuel surcharge will be added to all service appointments. We will quote this additional surcharge at the time of scheduling if applicable.