Why Choose Us?

Everyday Protection for your Family... With a Flip of a Switch!

A Backyard swimming pool is the ultimate source of family fun! But when it comes to children and pets, it is also a major safety concern. No parent can be watching over the pool every minute. No fence or alarm can prevent a child from getting access to an unsupervised pool. A pool cover is considered the number one safety feature you can have on your pool.

Latham’s Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialist brands of automatic safety covers are the perfect choice to protect your loved ones. Simply flip a switch, and your automatic safety cover will create a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate.

Our automatic safety covers blend a unique combination of materials and construction, resulting in the highest quality pool cover fabric on the market today. Tested and proven for more than 25 years, our specially formulated heavy duty vinyl fabric provides optimal fabric strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance to ensure exceptional product safety performance. Our automatic safety covers are rated to hold up to 2000 pounds while the water is at operational levels.

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Coverstar Central Delivers Big Savings Automatically!

Although saving lives is the main function of an automatic safety cover, there are many other savings to be had.

Latham’s Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialists brand covers provide several different ways to save money by just having have the cover installed. Our covers act as a passive solar heater, reduce water evaporation, and decrease the consumption of chemicals. Our automatic safety pool covers are so cost efficient they can pay for themselves in a matter of just a few years.

Save on heat, water, electricity and chemicals

  • 90% reduction in evaporation
  • 70% reduction in pool heating costs
  • 50% reduction in electricity costs
  • 70% reduction in chemical use
    (In Comparison with a pool without a cover per month)
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Convenience - From Start to Finish!

At the flip of a switch or a press of a button, your Automatic Safety Pool Cover can be operated in full in just a matter of seconds. Depending on the size of your pool, the average time to operate a cover is around 45-60 seconds. Comparing that to the several minutes it could take for a manual system or the hours it takes to clean a pool without a cover, it becomes clear that an Automatic Safety Pool Cover is perfect for you.

Latham’s Coverstar and Pool Cover Specialist brands of automatic safety covers offer the widest choice of models, options, fabrics and colors in the industry. This allows you to select the perfect cover system for your backyard. Our goal is to make our cover systems as convenient for you as possible. Our cover systems are proven to reduce the stress of cleaning, extend the swimming season, and provide unmatched durability, all to allow for the maximum amount of enjoyment during the swimming season.

Less time cleaning…more time enjoying

You deserve a relaxing swim after a hard day of work, not the hassle of cleaning a dirty pool. With the flip of switch or a touch of a button, your pool will be ready to enjoy in seconds. Our covers keep dirt and debris out of your pool. Time spent maintaining the pool by cleaning out the dirt and leaves and putting new chemicals in is almost eliminated.

Extended Swimming Season

By preventing heat loss through water evaporation and adding heat to water through the covers surface, you can increase the pool’s temperature 7 to 10 degrees. That can lengthen the regular swimming season up to 3 or 4 months.

Unmatched Reliability

Our unique mechanisms and cover fabrics are engineered with reliability in mind, with heavy-duty components and with ropes and pulleys that are stronger than any others used in the industry. The extreme precision of the machined and laser cut parts allows for smooth operation and many, many years of hassle-free use. To learn more about our unmatched reliability, please click here!

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