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Responsibility Release - Prior to service on your pool cover, we require that you sign this release of responsibility.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Service, Maintenance and Life Expectancy

How can I prevent service calls?

Preventative maintenance can eliminate or greatly reduce the need for expensive repairs and service calls. Read and refer to your original manufacturers' owners manual to make sure you are caring for your automatic swimming pool cover system properly. To ease your mind and free up your schedule have Coverstar Central perform the routine cleaning, maintenance and adjustments for you. Be sure to take advantage of the seasonal specials offered by Coverstar Central to start your season off smoothly, operate smoothly through the summer, and prepare it for the long winter months. Call 800-307-7727, click here to sign up, or email if you would like to be added to our e-list and be notified of special offers and savings.

What is your hourly rate?

Our highly specialized technicians are trained directly by the manufacturer to diagnose service, repair and install automatic swimming pool covers – This is their trade – They are the industry experts. Our team is on call 12 months a year even though the typical pool season is only approximately 6 months long. The fixed costs of doing business is factored into all of our rates, including our hourly rate which is $160.00 per hour with a one hour minimum billed with each visit. Our hourly rate begins when our technician arrives at your home. Labor in excess of one hour is billed in 15 minute increments.

Want to try to repair yourself but don't know what part# to order?

If your cover system is not operating properly and you do not know how to adjust or repair, please limit operating to prevent further damage. Consult your owner's manual or call to inquire about service. We encourage sending digital photos to help us diagnose needs and prevent unproductive service calls. We maintain a computer database of the specific components of all the cover systems we service. In addition, we maintain these same records for our dealers to assist in identifying parts needs and in quoting for replacement covers, or system upgrades.

Do you discount Travel Charges if my neighbors get service too?

Our office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Travel Charges apply to all jobs based upon proximity to our office and potential for additional overnight expenses. To help reduce travel charges to the Midwestern states we service, we try to schedule multiple appointments together in the same city/region. When two or more jobs are scheduled in the same region on the same day, we reduce each jobs travel charge by 50%. If your service issue is urgent and you are unable to wait for multi-job travel discount, or you are several hundred miles from our office, discounting is not always possible.

Do you charge a fuel surcharge?

When gas prices rise above $3.50 per gallon a fuel surcharge will be added to all service appointments. We will quote this additional surcharge at the time of scheduling if applicable.

How much do you charge for a service appointment?

I am sure you will agree that without trucks, tools, insurance, ongoing technical training, computer equipment, office and scheduling personnel, employee benefits, the lists goes on and on, we would not be able to adequately provide for your automatic swimming pool cover needs. Many fixed costs have already been incurred before one of our professional service technicians arrives on the jobsite. Therefore, the $60.00 Service Call charge is a preset fee which applies to all service appointments scheduled.

To summarize, the minimum charge you will be responsible for paying is $60.00 Service Call charge + Travel Charge ($11 to $520, depending on your zone) + $160.00 for up to one hour of labor, for us to come to your home. We do not give free on-site estimates, or diagnosis.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for service?

Prior to servicing your cover the following needs to be done to prevent unnecessary labor, additional charges or inconvenient delays.

  • Pool water must be raised to the middle of the skimmer opening (operating level)
  • Cover must be clear of any water, leaves, debris or substitute cover
  • Garden hose spigots are accessible and operational
  • Electrical power to the cover is on
  • Pets are put indoors and gates are left unlocked
  • Stone, brick or concrete cover lids must be removed, or a Release Form must be signed and submitted in advance.

If service or repairs can not be performed due to lack of proper cover care or preparation for scheduled service visit including, but not limited to gates being locked, excess water on top of the cover, no electricity to the cover, no Release Form on file, etc. You will be responsible for the minimum charges on the unproductive trip and again on the return trip.

What if a second trip is necessary?

If we make a recommendation for repair, for replacement of special order parts, or if the original service repair requested cannot be completed in one trip, we will waive the $60 Service Call Charge and the Travel Charge on the return trip when work is scheduled to be performed within 30 days from the original date of service. The $154.00 Hourly Labor rate with 1 hour minimum per visit will begin again upon our arrival.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover. Your permission to use your credit card for COD payment is required to schedule an appointment. By giving us your credit card number, you are authorizing us to charge your account and agreeing to our terms and conditions. The credit card will be pre-authorized when your appointment is scheduled with the minimum amount due. Pre-authorization will hold funds on debit cards and may show as 'in process' but is not charged on debit or credit cards until completion of the service call and final auditing by our Customer Service Manager.

We welcome payment at the time of service by cash or check. However, if payment is not received at time of service, or is only partially paid, the balance due will be charged to the credit card pre-authorized at the time of scheduling.

My system is under warranty, why do I need to give a credit card to schedule service?

We offer a 30 day labor warranty on all repairs performed unless indicated otherwise. Please review the Coverstar Central Limited Warranty. Warranty replacement parts are billed for in full when provided or installed. We expedite the return of suspect items to the manufacturer for their inspection per their warranty guidelines. If the returned item is indeed covered under warranty, a credit will be issued to your account for the value of the warranty replacement item less any applicable freight.

Can I schedule a service call for a specific time when I will be home? How late do your service technicians work?

Due to the nature of our business, long distance travel between jobs, and the inability to predict technician's time on each job, we unfortunately can not schedule specific or approximate times for service appointments. Our service technicians typically call when they estimate they are within 30 to 60 minutes of your home. On your scheduled service appointment date you can call our office to inquire as to where the technicians have placed you in their order of jobs for the day. We can try to estimate approximate arrival time, but no guarantees as our days are simply unpredictable. If for some reason we cannot get to your job on the day scheduled, every effort will be made to let you know as soon as possible that your job has been rescheduled. Please note: It is not unusual for our technicians to work until dark.

We schedule service appointments Monday through Friday. If you are not home when our technicians complete their work, a white work order copy will be left in your door or mailbox. Please do not hesitate to call our office if questions about the charges or the work performed – Your understanding and satisfaction with the goods and services you receive are important to us. Following our service an e-mail with a link to a survey will be sent to you. Please take a moment to complete to let us know how we did and offer any suggestions. We value the feedback we receive from our customers.

How do I cancel my service appointment?

To cancel a service call e-mail before noon the day prior to your scheduled service appointment advising us to 'Cancel' in order to prevent being billed a minimum of Service Call and Zone Travel Charges. Our technicians' multi-state schedules are set, discounted travel charges quoted, and service trucks dispatched based upon your prior request and authorization for service.

My cover is old and does not always run smoothly; what can be done?

Depending upon the age of the system or cover material, some repairs are cost prohibitive and a replacement cover or mechanical system overhaul may be the better option. Based upon our nearly 20 years of experience we have found this to be true of cover material that is between 5 and 7 years of age and roughly running systems needing overhauls when over 10 years of age, the quick fixes just won't last. Please consider the age and condition of your equipment when scheduling service.

System engineering has improved dramatically since we first started installing, servicing and distributing Poolsaver automatic pool covers in 1990. A few of our favorite improvements include ultra strong stainless steel bracket components make the new Coverstar mechanism the most durable and reliable in the industry... Nothing stands up better in the harsh corrosive pool environment. The new style motor's hardened stainless steel shaft and oil based gears eliminate motor problems. It is also sealed against water and can operate even when completely submersed if the housing is temporarily flooded. No more sheer pins either, the new style utilizes an adjustable torque limiter to protect the motorized mechanism from too much stress, and stainless guide feeds on the end of the cover guides prevent the ropes from snagging and tearing the cover. In addition, Coverstar fabrics are incredibly strong and durable with an advanced vinyl formulation and superior fabrication methods to make it top of the line. If you are purchasing your systems third replacement cover, this would be a good time to consider also requesting a quote to upgrade your system. Your original system may continue without fault for several more years, but considering the cost of a service call and repairs, compared to the savings you will enjoy when upgrading your system in conjunction with a replacement cover, it is certainly something you should consider. Please visit to learn all about the features and benefits new Coverstar systems offer, or call our office for brochures and information today!

Do your technicians do electrical work?

Our technicians are not licensed electricians. A licensed electrician must be called if electrical work is needed.