Small… But Powerful

The newest system in our line-up, the Atom has the same build quality and strength as our ECLIPSE system, including a full size marine-grade stainless steel mechanism. Where it differs, is how that mechanism is presented. The Atom features a tuck under motor, reducing the amount of space the mechanism takes up by 16”. The reduced size of the new low offset motor will provide a more aesthetically pleasing finished appearance to your backyard dream!



Compact Design for a Smaller Footprint in your Backyard Design

The Atom is the industries most compact system designed for a full scale pool. At only a 20” offset, we reduce the size by at least 16”, when compared to the standard motor offsets of 36”. This allows the system to take up less room in the polymer housing. Streamline the design of your pool with a border stone or paver design for the most streamline look possible. This new compact style mechanism is the sleekest, most durable system ever!



The Atom features a full sized stainless steel mechanism that uses marine grade stainless steel, the same as our ECLIPSE system, and offers a 20 year warranty. This durable mechanism is built to combat the corrosive design of the ever-popular salt generated pools, and provides the most reliable design available on the market. The design of the mechanism still allows Coverstar to utilize its innovative Torque Limiter, allowing the mechanism to minimize stress and keep the catastrophic breakdowns from happening.


Submersible Tuck Under Motor

The Atom includes a fully submersible and tuck under motor. No more worrying about your housing being flooded and the motor becoming water damaged. The waterproof design allows the self-lubricating gear driven motor to transfer the same amount of power as our full sizes Eclipse system, with the minimal offset. This 1100 inch pounds of torque motor allows us to cover up to a 20’ x 50’ pool, without compromising strength or reliability.

Engineered Safety

Like all of our systems, the Atom is engineered with safety as a top priority. While fences and other devices can provide some degree of safety, none will provide the same level of safety, or peace of mind that a Coverstar Central safety cover system gives. In less than a minute the “horizontal fence” easily covers you pool to create a barrier for complete peace of mind.

** The Atom on several different occasions, have been tested by independent testing laboratories and have always been found to be in compliance with all the requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M. F1346-91) (A.S.T.M Certification). The Atom is UL listed for safety and national electrical standards.

Coverstar’s commitment to safety engineering is also a commitment to you- Coverstar takes the worry out of pool ownership

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