Not all safety cover systems are the same, and while pools provide great fun, relaxation, and enjoyment there are also very real safety issues for children and pets. The CS3000 puts safety and reliability at the forefront, meaning that you never have to worry about your cover system not operating correctly. With marine-grade aluminum, the CS3000 is designed to fit all your automatic safety cover needs. The CS3000 is uniquely engineered to cover distinctively inspired pools such as; a gunite pool with a vanishing edge, or a freeform fiberglass pool with a waterfall feature, and everything in-between.



Marine-Grade Durability

Reliability matters, with heavy-duty, marine-grade aluminum components allow the CS3000 mechanism to out perform its competitors, by giving you many years of unmatched reliability. The CS3000 was specifically engineered to help reduce on-site service and increase your peace of mind. The CS3000 includes a submersible motor with hardened stainless steel shaft and oil bathed gears, to virtually eliminate motor issues. The CS3000 also includes double row stainless steel rope pulleys that have nearly triple the load capacity of standard pulleys, leading to smooth operation for longer.


Electric or Hydraulic

One key feature that the CS3000 has is, its capability of either including an electric or hydraulic motor. Depending on the size of your pool and amount of deck drag, the hydraulically powered system may give you that extra power needed to operate your automatic safety cover efficiently and smoothly.


Adjustable Torque Limiter

Included in the CS3000 similar to the rest of Coverstar’s systems, is a mechanical torque limiter that protects the motorized mechanism from too much stress and is easily adjustable. The torque limiter virtually erases the worry of running your cover for too long or with too much weight on the fabric. If the mechanism “senses” that there is too much stress the torque limiter will prevent the system from operating in a way that could be harmful for your cover system.

To learn how easy it is to adjust the torque limiter on an CS3000 system please click here.

Engineered Safety

Like all of our systems, the CS3000 is engineered with safety as a top priority. While fences and other devices can provide some degree of safety, none will provide the same level of safety, or peace of mind that a Coverstar Central safety cover system gives. In less than a minute the “horizontal fence” easily covers you pool to create a barrier for complete peace of mind.

** The CS3000 on several different occasions, have been tested by independent testing laboratories and have always been found to be in compliance with all the requirements set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M. F1346-91) (A.S.T.M Certification). The CS3000 is UL listed for safety and national electrical standards.

Coverstar’s commitment to safety engineering is also a commitment to you- Coverstar takes the worry out of pool ownership

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