The Ultimate Spa System

The CS300HD automatic spa package provides an attractive and effective solution for spa systems, swim spas, and smaller pools up to 16’ x 32’. The tuck under motor design allows the system to be installed with two-thrids less of an offset than standard system, yet the systems high torque capacity ensures smooth cover operation.

The spa package includes the CS300HD drive mechanism, cover fabric, track, one inch flat leading edge tube, four inch roll-up tube, and a standard touch pad control switch.



Small Footprint

The CS300HD was engineered for smaller pools and spas, so it needs less power than the CS3000. Because of this we were able to decrease the overall size of the system by tucking the motor underneath the mechanism, leading to a total offset of 14” compared to a standard CS3000 at 36”. This means that the system will take up only one-third the space of another system. This is perfect for that indoor pool or spa, smaller backyards, or even fiberglass pools.



Because of it’s size, the CS300HD is also able to include smaller extrusions. Unique to the CS300HD, the system includes a one inch flat leading edge bar, which gives the cover a very streamline look, and a 4” roll up tube that allows the systems to fit more fabric in a more confined space. All extrusions are anodized or aluminum to help combat corrosion build up.


Durable Mechanism

Even though the CS300HD is a third of the size, it maintains the same stainless steel components as our ECLIPSE system. This allows it to maintain the 20 year warranty on the mechanism, and peace of mind that this is the perfect system for your ideal dreamscape. The system also includes a waterproof motor. This mechanism can be shrunk down to a minimum width of 9.75”, but will also still open up to 14” wide, to fit our standard Polymer Housing.

Engineered Safety

The CS300HD is engineered with safety as a top priority. While pools provide great fun, relaxation and enjoyment there are also very real safety issues for children and pets.

Fences and other devices can provide some degree of safety, but none will provide the level of safety or peace of mind that the ECLIPSE safety cover system gives. In less than a minute the CS300HD “horizontal fence" easily covers your pool to create a barrier for complete peace of mind.

**The CS300HD is independently certified by the Underwriters Laboratories to meet or exceed powered safety cover requirements by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M. F1346-91) (A.S.T.M Certification).The CS300HD is UL listed for safety and national electrical standards.

Coverstar's commitment to safety engineering is also a commitment to you - Coverstar takes the worry out of pool ownership.

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