Infinity 4000

Worry Free Engineering

The INFINITY 4000 is a masterpiece of worry free engineering. With the simple turn of a key, you can take solace in knowing that your pool cover will open and close in seconds. Known for its reliability and ease of installation, the INFINITY 4000 is a staple to the Automatic Safety Cover industry. Offering a 10 year warranty, the INFINITY 4000 system is the perfect choice for the simple, yet elegant design in your backyard. This simple design is the easiest system to operate and maintain.



Aircraft Precision Cut Universal Clutch Gears

Have a sense of security, knowing that with the Infinity 4000 system, you can be worry free in your design process. With most Automatic Safety Cover systems, the motor side location must be determined ahead of time, locking you into your plans early in the design process. With the Infinity 4000 system, as your backyard dreams come to life, know that we have your back. The universal clutch gear is a quick swap to change motor sides. As your backyard design becomes a reality, if you need to change sides to accommodate that slide, water fall, or fire pit, it only takes a quick 3-5 minutes to change the side. This not only saves you time, but costs of swapping out mechanisms and shipping, finishing your job faster and worry free. The Universal Clutch Gear offers the industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Electric Motor Smart Control Board

The INFINTY 4000 motor includes Auto Stop technology, which allows the Automatic Safety Cover to come to a stop when reaching either end of the pool without that hard “impact”. This also allows the use of an external Water Feature Control, allowing the user peace of mind when operating their waterfall or deck jets. This Water Feature Control senses when the Automatic Safety Cover has been closed, and interrupts power to the water feature, eliminating the chance of water collection on top of the Automatic Safety Cover, and saving costly repairs.


Aircraft Grade Hard Anodized Accutrack Rope Reel System with Anodized Mechanism Brackets

Built to withstand the harsh environments of the outdoors, the INFINITY 4000 system is made with Aircraft grade anodized materials to help combat corrosion and chemical build-up. The self-locking rope reel allows for convenient service adjustments, saving time on required maintenance. The durability of the mechanism allows a Limited 10 Year Warranty, giving you confidence that the system that will perform to it’s best ability for years to come.

Engineered Safety

The INFINITY 4000 is engineered with safety as a top priority. While pools provide great fun, relaxation and enjoyment there are also very real safety issues for children and pets.

Fences and other devices can provide some degree of safety, but none will provide the level of safety or peace of mind that the INFINITY 4000 safety cover system gives. In less than a minute the INFINITY 4000 “horizontal fence" easily covers your pool to create a barrier for complete peace of mind.

**The INFINITY 4000 is independently certified by the Underwriters Laboratories to meet or exceed powered safety cover requirements by the American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M. F1346-91).The INFINITY 4000 is UL listed for safety and national electrical standards.

Coverstar's commitment to safety engineering is also a commitment to you - Coverstar takes the worry out of pool ownership.

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