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Requesting A Service Call

For more information on what services we offer and what will need to be done to prepare for our service please see our Service Calls tab.

This requesting service is meant to be the first step in ordering our service. Once filled out someone from our service department will be in touch, to give you pricing, and when our teams would be able to come out to preform the service.*

* Our service department is popular! It is possible that throughout the busy season we are booking out at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Turquoise = We will provide quote to install or refer you to an authorized dealer in your area

Royal = We will provide estimate and refer you to an authorized dealer in your area

Please fill out the form below and hit submit. We will contact you on how to proceed.

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Preventative Maintenance
In a continuing effort to offer Spring Service Special discounts on our Preventative Maintenance Services, with a new emphasis on giving priority to those needing urgent repairs due to safety concerns, we will now be entering preventative maintenance service requests into a “Fill In” log rather than scheduling a date when you call or email. This will allow us to “Fill In” our schedule, with preventative maintenance calls, in between full price repair and install calls in the most energy and cost-efficient manner.

Our fleet of 8 crews travels M-F throughout our Service area. We anticipate being able to give up to one-week advance notice of the anticipated day of our service visit, will send email confirmation for you to pre-auth to insure you still want us to come, and ensure Travel Charges on Spring Specials will be reduced to 50% due to being fit in when we are in the area. As the Special deadline nears, we will push to ensure our remaining “Fill In” calls are all completed.

If you have concerns about the operation of your cover, we encourage you to schedule a Service Call that includes a Spring Service Special. For the additional $60 Service Call fee… You still enjoy savings on labor and chemicals, while also enjoying the confidence in having a place on our schedule. (hourly labor rate will not accrue until after special labor is consumed)

In order for our technicians to properly run and adjust the cover operation the pool water level must be up to the middle of the pool skimmer opening in the sidewall of the pool.
Is your pool open for the season?
Is your water level to mid skimmer?
If you answered “No” to either of the above, please provide date pool opening will be completed by:

Additional Comments that would be helpful for us to know when scheduling your maintenance or repair…

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