Standard Features and Options

Mechanism Types

Coverstar Central currently offers 5 types of systems to fit all your automatic safety cover needs.

Heavy-duty, stainless steel components allow the ECLIPSE mechanism to endure harsh environments giving you many years of reliable service.


Reliability matters, not all safety covers are the same. With marine-grade aluminum the CS3000 is the perfect fit for your backyard.


The ATOM is designed to reduce the size of our mechanism and provide a more aesthetically pleasing finished appearance to your poolscape.


The ultimate spa system. Designed for smaller pools and spas, the CS300HD maintains the same quality as the CS300 in a smaller package.


Specifically designed to be the most maintenance free cover system on the market, the Infinity 4000 is available in electric or hydraulic.

Infinity 4000

System Types

Under Track
Top Track
Deck Mount

System Features

Unique features that help Coverstar Central stand above the rest

Adjustable Torque Limiter

Stainless Steel Rope Pulleys

Powerflex Detachable Ropes

Sealed Motor

Polymer Housing

Anodized Roll Tubes

Anodized Leading Edge Bars

Mechanical Rotary Encoder

Control Options


The Leviton control switch is our standard switch for all our automatic cover systems. The Leviton is a simple lever control, where by pushing the lever up or down, operates the cover into the cover or uncovered positions. For safety reasons, this switch is designed so that you have to hold the switch in the cover or uncover position for the duration of operation. The second you let go of the switch the cover stops immediately. Additionally, this switch has a built in “self-diagnosing” feature light, that allows you to check quickly if you have power to your automatic safety cover in the unfortunate event of a power outage. If the indication light lights up, you know you have power. The Leviton Switch utilizes a brushed aluminum finished locking door to ensure security of your automatic safety cover. This allows you to rest at night knowing that you are protected.

Touch Screen Pool Cover Controller

Coverstar's Touch Screen Pool Cover Controller is the operator for your automatic safety cover. It can be used as a standalone device or paired with other touch screen controllers. When used with other touch screen controllers, they automatically create a network which any touch controller can operate any other touch controller.

  • Touch screen with simplified operation and setup
  • Mesh network to wirelessly communicate with up to 4 touch controllers
  • Current limitiing
  • Wi-Fi notifications when cover is operated or left open
  • 4 users with unique passcodes
  • Zero power motor activation and deactivation
  • Retro-Fitable


Our safety cover fabrics use an advanced vinyl formulation and superior fabrication methods to create a 17 oz. per square yard, material that is coated with an exclusive acrylic material to produce an incredibly strong and durable fabric that is best in the industry. Tested and proven for over 30 years, this specially formulated heavy duty vinyl fabric provides optimal ultraviolet, chemical, and mildew resistances. Superior fabric strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance are enhanced through the extruded coating process and closed polyester weave. To ensure exceptional product performance, accept nothing less than a Coverstar Central safety cover fabric.

Heat Sealed Webbing

Coverstar Central uses an exclusive patented process whereby the rope is replaced with a flexible polumer bead and the webbing is heat seal bonded to the cover fabric in one step. This process is a substantial improvement over the common webbing attachment method and provides substantially longer webbing life and improved operation of the cover. Our heat sealed webbing does not stretch and bunch like sewn webbing. This makes it obvious that the correct choice in heat sealed vs sewn on webbing is heat sealed. 


*Independent lab tests show that our method is over twice as strong as standard sewn webbing.


Color Options

Click on a color below to see on pool image on left.
Light Blue *
Aqua *
Black *
* Only available in Duraguard and Duralife III fabrics
**Actual Colors may vary due to dye lot variances**

Track Options

Standard Top Track

A low profile 3/8” tall aluminum extrusion that is mounted on top of the cement deck on both sides of the pool. This application is the best for installations on existing pools, and free form new constructions. This track type will also allow the mechanism to be installed on top of the deck for the existing pools, or in the deck for the free form pools. This has been an industry standard for going on 30 years.

Standard Under Track Encapsulated

A standard in the Automatic Safety Cover industry these days, this Under Track sits in an encapsulation poured into the deck, allowing easy installation and service. This 3-channel track allows Coverstar products to utilize the Powerflex Detachable Rope system, and allows the system to be housed underneath the surface of the deck.

Recessed Horizontal Track (RHT)

Don’t let the design of a free form pool slow you down. With our RHT, the track is flush installed prior to the deck being poured, then surrounded, allowing you to have a flush mounted track in the concrete, and not have to worry about a track on top of the concrete. This product was designed to help get that finished product look, without the hassle. This product is available in both grey and tan.

Slim Flush Track

Our most slim and streamline option, this track option is only 1” wide, and looks nothing more than a expansion joint cut in the concrete. This track, just like the RHG, is set into the concrete for a flush with the deck finish as well. This track also includes a 2” end pulley, upgraded from the standard 1” pulley, for more reliability and less maintenance.

Lid Options

Poured Stones or Coping Stones

Our most elegant and beautiful option, Poured Stones or Coping Stones over top of the Automatic Safety Cover housing created the perfect, uniformed look around your pool. Achieve perfect symmetry around the pool with all 4 sides looking the same. Our poured stone system is available and creates the perfect 2’ wide stones, ideal for serviceability down the road.

Flush Aluminum Lid (Painted)

This is the most common and also the best looking aluminum lid option that Coverstar has to offer. This lid is installed before the concrete is poured, and created a perfect environment for the Automatic Safety Pool Cover to be anchored to. The Flush Aluminum Lid does not sit higher than the surrounding deck, eliminating the possibility of a dangerous corner sticking up, hazardous to adults and children alike when running around barefoot near a pool.

Flat Hinged Aluminum Lid (Painted)

This lid offers a clean, trimmed outline for a lid option. Made with the same aluminum painted lid panels as the Flush Aluminum Lid, the Flat Hinged Lid give you an upgraded option to clean up the poolscape. With this lid type, feel safe walking around your pool as the 3.5” trim “picture frame” around it creates an area that allows the motor and non-motor end to sit flush with the deck, but still allows the middle portion to be raised in the case of Top Track, RHG, or Slim Flush Track.

Classic Aluminum Lid

Our Flagship lid option, the Standard Aluminum Lid, has been around for nearly 30 years. This tried and true option is the most economical option on the market today. Requiring the least amount to install, this is the perfect simple touch to finish off your backyard project.